If you're a longtime thrash enthusiast or just getting into it and are looking for to dive deeper into the genre, some thrash fans online have named underground bands to listen to.

We're all aware that thrash is most closely associated with the "Big 4" — Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth — but there are countless other groups that also contributed to the development of thrash that often don't get the recognition they deserve.

Recently, we discovered a discussion on the Thrash Metal Reddit page where people named their favorite thrash bands that aren't one of the Big 4. Exodus, Sepultura, Kreator, Death Angel, Power Trip, Stormtroopers of Death, Sacred Reich and Testament were just a few of the many bands mentioned.

But there's a high chance you've heard of those groups, right? So what about some that are more on the underground side?

A new post was written on the Thrash Metal Reddit a few days ago, where someone was seeking suggestions for modern underground bands.

"I'm itching for two specific things: Extremely bombastic, leave-no-mercy levels of heaviness and output. Late '80s inspired. Something like Terrifier. Or the old school early '80s demo sound. Like Venom, early 'tallica and Megadeth sorta feel," they elaborated in the description. "But the bands need to be currently active and kick ass. I need more!"

Of course, these are quite specific parameters, but the members of the community did their best to recommend some solid picks.

"Maybe not exactly what you’re looking for but bands like Doomsday, High Command and Dead Heat have been crushing it lately," the top comment read, with two people seconding the High Command and Dead Heat suggestions.

High Command, 'Merciless Steel'

Another person described the band Mantic Ritual’s 2008 album Executioner as "Kill 'Em All mixed with a little Slayer," though they noted that the band isn't exactly new. There were a few supporters of this suggestion as well.

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A few metalheads kindly gave whole lists of recommendations, with one's reading: "Terrifier, Grindpad, Ravager, Released Anger, Mindtaker, Alcoholator, Violator, Fueled by Fire, Bonded by Blood, Mantic Ritual, Thrashback, Fusion Bomb, Hazzerd, Hatchet, Wraith, Ultra Violence (before they changed their sound) Chronosphere, Warbringer, Hyades, Lich King, Game Over, Thrashwall, Lost Society, Chemicide."

A couple of other groups listed throughout the comments section were Demiser, Schizophrenia, Hellripper, Belushi Speed Ball, Mindforce, Void and Graveripper. There were many more mentioned, so you read the full discussion here.

Happy listening!

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