A metalhead shared a story online about his first date with a Swiftie, and explained how it all went wrong.

To be clear, there's nothing wrong with having a different taste in music than your partner, even if they're polar opposites. But keep reading to learn what happened.

The individual wrote a post on Reddit titled, "She Left Me Cause of Metalcore," and recalled that he picked up a girl for a first date they had planned at a restaurant. He asked the girl what type of music she listens to, to which she replied that she's a fan of Taylor Swift (hence, Swiftie).

Regardless, he let the girl play her music in the car for a bit. We'd say that's pretty courteous.

"Then she wanted me to play the kind of stuff I'm into. Being into metalcore and all, I was super reluctant. So all I said was, you're probably not gonna like it. And she said, 'Of course I will.' What cap," the metalhead continued, adding that the first song they chose to play was Motionless in White's "Meltdown" from their 2022 album Scoring the End of the World. 

Motionless in White, 'Meltdown'

How the Swiftie Reacted to Motionless in White

The metalhead initially saw the Swiftie smiling during the song, until the first "blegh." She apparently made a "disgusted face" once she heard that, and looked a bit panicked. Thus, he paused the music and hoped for the best.

"Long story short, she went on to be very quiet for most of the night while we were out eating then I walked her up to her door like a gentleman and she looks at me and says, 'Your music sucks,' and turns and goes inside and I'm just holding my arms out ready for a hug like [smiley face]," he concluded.

"Am I overreacted by typing all of this or did she overreact? At any rate I doubt we'll be seeing each other any time soon."

Poor fella.

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What Are Fellow Metalheads on Reddit Saying About the Date?

The post created a big discussion amongst fellow metalcore listeners.

The reply with the highest number of upvotes reads, "If she can’t handle you at your BLEGH she doesn’t deserve you at your ARF ARF." This remark received a ton of praise, rightfully so.

A few other metalheads shared relatable stories in the comments, supporting the idea that vastly differing music tastes can be problematic in blossoming relationships.

Read one of the top responses below, and the replies to that comment are bulleted underneath.

"I went on a date with a guy I met on Hinge and when he asked what kind of music I liked I said, 'Metal mostly,' and he was like, 'Oh the kind that screams?' And I was like, 'Yeah it’s my fav,' and he got the most concerned/uncomfortable look on his face. 'And you listened to that on the way here?' Yeah dude, I did. One of the funniest conversations I’ve ever had. There was no second date."

  • "My date when she found out I like metalcore asked me, 'Why? Are you angry?'"
  • "My gf makes fun of me for listening to metalcore because she had a fucked up childhood and listens to happy pop songs while I was a preppy kid with the white picket fence and listen to metalcore. She says I'm compensating for my lack of trauma."
  • "Nah I love showing people my heavy music, the reactions are usually funny and I've converted each of my girlfriends to metalcore."

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