Earlier this year, Jackass cast member Steve-O claimed a fourth movie would never happen, mostly due to resistance from Johnny Knoxville. However, in an exclusive new interview with Chris Raab (aka Raab Himself) the stuntman told Loudwire that everyone he's interviewed on his Bathroom Break Podcast is interested in filming Jackass 4.

Since launching the Bathroom Break Podcast in 2018, Raab has interviewed almost every principal Jackass cast member, including Bam Margera, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Weeman, Dave England, Danger Ehren, Rake Yohn, Rick Kosick and Jeff Tremaine.

“I get the feeling that everyone’s pretty interested in it,” Raab told us. “I’m not sure that it would ever happen. Ryan [Dunn] was a huge part of that, so it’s sort of weird without him. We’ve got that question about the CKY thing. ‘Is there going to be a CKY 5?’ Nah, that’ll never happen. As far as Jackass, I would think maybe it would happen, but I don’t know ‘cause I’m not in that world enough to know. I probably would be [a part of it] if asked … I feel like if Tremaine and Spike [Jonze] and Knoxville said, ‘Hey, let’s do it,’ then I imagine it would go forward. If they were to say it, I don’t think there would be pushback from others.”

Raab was famously absent from the second and third Jackass films, partially due to a falling out with Bam Margera (which has since been rectified). Chris remained close with Ryan Dunn, though, until his death in 2011. After half a decade away from the MTV cameras, they were suddenly back in Raab’s life when it came time to film A Tribute to Ryan Dunn.

“The nice thing was that it was Rick Kosick and Jeff Tremaine [filming] so they came and it was our family,” Raab recalls. “This is our family, we get to pay respects to our brother, we get to laugh again … It was the first time I had laughed since he died.”

Raab Himself also talked to Loudwire about his departure from the limelight, finding his passion behind the camera, and starting the Bathroom Break Podcast. Check out the full interview above and click here to listen to Raab’s Bathroom Break Podcast.

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