Last week, ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ returned with Jackass legend Steve-O. Now, Jackass cast member and CKY crew favorite Raab Himself sits down to prove and disprove what’s written about him on Wikipedia.

First off, it’s true that Chris Raab is a founding member of the band Queef Attack, only the band doesn’t technically exist. Still, that didn’t stop Wikipedia from listing the band on his page. “That’s amazing, because that was a running joke between a buddy of mine and I,” Raab reacts. “We never actually went to the point of recording songs, but we’d go back and forth and make cover art. I don’t know how the hell somebody knows about that.”

Raab reveals that he wasn’t the only CKY crew member bestowed with the “Himself” nickname. The late Ryan Dunn was, at one point, called Dunn Himself by a friend of a group. “[Chris Aspite] basically started calling Ryan and me it, ‘cause CKY 1 came out in skate shops, CKY 2 came out in skate shops and that started creating this buzz … Aspite would be like, ‘Oh, there he is, Raab Himself live in person. There he his, Dunn Himself.’ It just stuck on my name.”

After clearing up some Jackass falsehoods, Raab confirmed Brandon DiCamillo nearly became a guest on his Bathroom Break podcast, but ultimately backed out. However, the hilarious CKY member still records skits for his own amusement. “He’s always filming something and he’s always got little skits that are fucking hilarious. When I go over there, he’ll show me something and I’ll be like, ‘Oh, what’s that for?’ and he’ll be like, ‘For me, Raab!’”

Check out the Raab Himself episode of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ above.

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