Rammstein’s new song, “Deutschland,” just dropped and it’s already pissing people off. Depicting the history (and potential future) of human conflict, “Deutschland” is a provocative look at ourselves and the ugliness that comes with division.

We’ve got an English translation of the “Deutschland” (Germany) lyrics, and they’re pretty straight forward, as many Rammstein songs tend to be. Here’s the first verse via Reddit:

You have cried a lot
In the mind apart
In the heart united

We have been together for a very long time
Your breath is cold
The heart in flames

So far, the track seems to tackle the pain of separation and the feeling of coming to terms with a divisive past. Moving on to the chorus, it sounds like Till Lindemann is directing his lyrics toward Germany itself.

My heart in flames
Want to love you want to damn you
Your breath is cold
So young
And yet so old

The song’s second verse speaks more directly to Germany’s imperialistic past:

I never want to leave you
One want to love you
And want to hate you
To take over
To surrender
To attack
Germany, Germany over everyone

This verse will certainly be interpreted in different ways, especially since guitarist Richard Kruspe is in a Nazi uniform during “Deutschland.” Then again, he gets shot in the face by Till Lindemann, who is in a Jewish concentration camp uniform.

The song’s bridge reads:

Sick of
The higher you climb, the farther you fall
Germany, Germany over everyone

Like the second verse, the “Deutschland” bridge is mixing phrases of power and superiority with moral failure redundancy. For a track with a minimal word count, it gives the listener (and viewer) a lot to think about, which is ultimately the point.

Check out Rammstein’s video for “Deutschland” above and look for the new album coming May 17. You can place your pre-order here.

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