Rammstein had planned on a major tour in 2020, but as we know the pandemic curtailed those plans. But the group made the best of the situation and it now appears as though a new album will come out of their downtime.

Keyboardist Flake Lorenz told Motor.de (as translated), “The fact that we couldn't perform live increased our creativity. We had more time to think of new things and less distraction. As a result, we recorded a record that we hadn't planned on."

Word of Rammstein's potential recording surfaced last October with the band posting a photo from the studio. "Sadly no tour this year - but it's great to be back in the studio," said the caption.

The German rockers traveled to France to record, renting the La Fabrique studio that was located at a former 19th century farm in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France.

Drummer Christoph Schneider shared during a chat on the Rodeo Radio podcast last June, "We still have so many ideas lying around, so many unfinished songs," then adding, We have met and we are working on new songs. We want to work on songs. But whether or not it will turn into an album, nobody knows yet."

Flake's new comments would suggest that last fall's sessions did turn into a record, but as of now no other details concerning the set have been revealed. Stay tuned.

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