It looks like 2015 will be the year of Rammstein offshoot projects. Guitarist Richard Kruspe is already receiving rave reviews for his late 2014 release 'Silent So Long' with his band Emigrate. Now, it looks as though vocalist Till Lindemann has something in the works as well.

Lindemann has decided to name his new project Lindemann and it finds him collaborating with Peter Tagtgren, who is the frontman of Swedish death metal band Hypocrisy and the sole member of the industrial outfit Pain. He is also an accomplished producer, having worked on a number of metal albums over the years. The pairing is still in the formative stages as a new Facebook page was just launched with a photo of the pair and a look at the logo for the Lindemann band.

Raubtier frontman Par Hulkoff claims to have heard some of the group's music and he explained, "The small parts I heard really blew my mind. This will echo in eternity."

No music, videos or tour dates have surfaced as of yet, but stay tuned as more details emerge on the new Lindemann project.

Lindemann Logo

Lindemann Logo
Facebook: Lindemann

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