Red Hot Chili Peppers have a rich Rock and Roll Hall of Fame history that includes a number of members both past and present. But while reflecting on that history, it's clear to see that some of their biggest successes came while guitarist John Frusciante was part of the band. Frusciante served two stints with the Chili Peppers before exiting for good in 2009, but his contributions and friendship are still respected by founding member Anthony Kiedis.

During an interview with Argentinian TV show La Voila (seen in the interview above), Kiedis was asked about Frusciante and he admitted that he missed the guitarist.

“My experience with John was one of the most wonderful and easiest people to make music with,” Kiedis stated. “We could sit down on the floor, John and I, and I could take out a piece of paper, and I would say, ‘Okay, I wrote these words.’ And he would like [say], ’Let me see those words,’ and he would take take the words, he would read them, and he’s like, ‘Okay.’ He would start to play something, I would start to sing it, and I would say, ‘Can you play something that feels like this?’ And he would say, ‘Okay, let me try this.’ Then we would have a song."

The vocalist added, "Never did I meet someone who was so easy to write songs with, and really good songs." He called Frusciante "a very special person," not only to himself but to many people, and concluded his thoughts by stating, "I miss him, but I also accept the separate lives. But I miss him."

Frusciante joined the band in 1988 and first appeared on the Mother's Milk album. He also was a part of their hugely successful Blood Sugar Sex Magik album, but left in 1992 before touring of the disc was complete. The band went through several guitarists before Frusciante returned for 1999's Californication album. He then stayed with the group through their By the Way and Stadium Arcadium discs before again leaving the band.

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