Red Hot Chili Peppers have been revealing a few songs off of their new album The Getaway, but now we have a visual representation for one of the tracks as well. The band recently shot a video with Vinyl actress-turned-director Olivia Wilde and you can watch the clip above.

The clip finds the band relaxing and playing inside a room with shag carpet, while a group of skateboarding females leave and have a blast boarding and wreaking havoc along the way. The video features female long boarders Carmen Shafer, Amanda Caloia, Amanda Powell and Noelle Mulligan.

"We received hers and it was very simple and it was about this dark and bruised side of these athletes, these female skateboard athletes and it was just easy and simple and we were trying to do simplicity," said Kiedis in a Facebook chat of the treatment they received from Wilde. He adds of their experience, "I like it a lot. I like her a lot, I like the video a lot and I'd work with her again."

The group has already revealed "Dark Necessities" along with The Getaway title track and the song "We Turn Red" off of the album. If you like what you hear, the disc is available in a variety of options here. And you can also look for it in stores beginning tomorrow (June 17).

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are getting a bit of a break in the touring schedule at the moment, but they'll resume their live shows with an appearance at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark on June 29. To see all of their upcoming dates, click here.

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