Believe it or not, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Michael Peter Balzary, also known as Flea, is 51 years old today (Oct. 16). Having developed a unique bass style heavily based in funk, jazz and punk rock, Flea is one of the best pure musicians in not just mainstream rock, but all of music. To celebrate Flea's 51st birthday, we bring you 'Give it Away' as our Video of the Day!

If you want to hear the peak of Flea's spastic and ultra-technical bass playing, you'd be advised to check out the band's debut self-titled album, 'Freaky Styley' or 'The Uplift Mofo Party Plan.' Although 'Give it Away' appears on the band's fifth album, 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik,' Flea's four-string proficiency is beautifully showcased throughout 'Give it Away.'

When is the last time you heard a radio hit where the bass is used as the lead instrument? You'd have to utilize all of your brainpower to track such a song, and you may just end up back in 1991, when 'Give it Away' was unleashed. With 'Give it Away' as the album's forefront single, 'Blood Suger Sex Magik' has sold over 12 million copies worldwide. Many of those sales can be attributed to Flea, who covers the entire neck of his bass on 'Give it Away' while singer Anthony Kiedis performs his signature pseudo-rap style over the top of it.

The video itself is just as iconic as the song. Shot in black and white with a heavy emphasis on the silver end of the spectrum, the Peppers perform 'Give it Away' on a beach with devilish imagery and 'Burning Man' psychedelic dancing. The video, to this day, is instantly recognizable and can honestly be labeled as one of the greatest of all time.

Happy birthday Flea! Don't you put down that bass anytime soon. Check it 'Give it Away' in the video above!