Ever wonder what it would be like to have Red Hot Chili Peppers play your house? Well, you can suspend disbelief for a moment and pretend like they are doing just that when you watch the video for 'Look Around,' the latest single off their 2011 album 'I'm With You.' The video mimics that idea, with each member getting his own room in the clip, where he is seen playing his instrument and dancing and prancing around maniacally.

Anthony Kiedis shakes his thang in a red-walled living room. He is eventually joined by a hot chick who emerges from a refrigerator of all places! She then sprays graffiti on the wall. A dog and a little girl also turn up a few seconds in. We're not sure how or why they are all related, but they are having a good time, so we'll just enjoy watching them.

Drummer Chad Smith is shown smashing the skins in a pristine, sterile, white tiled bathroom. There's also a punching bag at which he throws a few jabs, because some people like to box after their baths.

Guitarist Josh Klinghoffer is chilling solo in a sparely decorated room, musing and scribbling in a journal.

It's bassist Flea who seems to have the most fun in the 'Look Around' vid, though. He is dancing his arse off in brightly color sweats with a young, blue-haired girl. They eventually strip down to their skivvies, dancing the day and spraying each other with some white, foamy substance. You get a shot of Flea in his tighty whities!

The video is fast-paced and is linear like a comic strip as the camera acts like a flip book, moving from room to room. Check it out for yourself below:

Watch Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Look Around' Video