Redlight King had recorded a cover of Rush's "Working Man" last year for their upcoming album with plans to release it this week, but then came the news of Neil Peart's death last week. The Ontario-hailing outfit eventually decided to move ahead with their plans to release their cover for this week, seeing it as a nod to the band they've respected so much over the years.

Though Peart didn't play on "Working Man," the track still remains an essential piece of Rush's history, helping to give wings to the band's career in the early '70s when the song resonated with blue-collar workers in America. The track from the band's first album is notable for its guitar solo and became a favorite in Rush's live sets over the years.

Singer Mark “Kaz” Kasprzyk tells us, "Rush has always been a major influence of the band. It comes as a shock we are releasing our cover of 'Working Man' at the time of Neil Peart’s death. We share their Canadian heritage and respect their musicianship, and integrity. We hope we have done the song justice and keep the spirit of the band alive.”

Check out the premiere video for the song below.

The clip is essentially a performance piece, shot in black and white and with plenty of close-ups to take you right into the action. Have a look in the player below.

"Working Man" is the second single off Redlight King's forthcoming album, Moonshine, which is expected this spring via Parts + Labor Records. The song will arrive on digital service providers tonight at midnight ET.

Redlight King, "Working Man"

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