There's quite a bit that goes on before your favorite artist hits the stage, and Rex Brown pulls back the curtain on some of that with the new video for "Fault Line" from his Smoke On This album.

The clip just premiered with our friends over at Ultimate Classic Rock, taking viewers on a journey from the load at a venue all the way up until the show itself. And while it's Brown's song, he shares the spotlight with his bandmates and crew members who make sure it all goes off without a hitch once the lights go up on the performance. "I’ve had my ups and downs, like anybody in this business," said Brown. "I wanted to feel like a true artist again, where I can write and record songs without worrying about any of the bullshit."

Brown says in our interview below that the song originated with collaborator Lance Harvill, and it took a bit before they finally got it down. "Once we found the voice, then everything started to fit into place," Brown explained. "If you're gonna do the solo thing, it's personal. It's very personal. It's your baby and you've gotta do it right. If I do anything that catches one person, then I've done my job. I've got a gift and I want to keep giving."

Speaking with Loudwire just ahead of the announcement of his Smoke On This album earlier this year, the musician told us, “The songs are where I wanna go, man. I’ve done my share of the metal thing. I think I’ve got a lot more talent than just sitting around and [heavy strumming].” He continued, “It’s been a labor of love, man. I’m just letting the wind blow. That’s all you can do these days. I’ve had a magnificent career, but man, I’m still young. I’ve still got a lot of fire and fucking hell in my ass.”

While Brown still leans heavy on some tracks, Smoke On This shows a more well-rounded view of his musical influences, with "Fault Line" in particular being more in a mid-tempo '70s-influenced vein. The track provides one of the more vulnerable vocal moments for Brown on the disc.

It was definitely an impressive solo debut for Brown, as Smoke On This made our 25 Best Hard Rock Albums of 2017 list for the past year. You can see that full list below.

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