It’s no secret that Rex Brown has a solid relationship with marijuana, with the herb helping to stir the creative juices throughout Pantera’s career along with Brown’s new solo album, Smoke on This. During Rex’s recent visit to our studio we decided to go more in-depth with Brown about rock’s favorite smokeable.

Smoke on This is only partially a weed reference. Really, it’s about Rex Brown discovering his new sound, putting it out there and what people think be damned. “We smoked a lot of weed making this record,” Rex says. “Sometimes when I got stumbled with lyrics I’d go out and smoke a hit. It would take you into another place and I’d read it back and go, ‘That was crap.’ Sometimes it’s not the best catalyst to use for inspiration, but other times it is completely. 'Get Yourself Alright' was definitely a weed song.”

Rex wasn’t always to biggest weed fan, as it used to mess with his whisky drinking, altering the buzz he was going for. After quitting the bottle, however, Brown found a new appreciation for pot. “For me, it’s for the anxiety and also for my stomach it does wonders,” Rex shares. “Look, everybody’s got anxiety, but you don’t have to take a pill. It’s killing everybody in half the country.”

As for Rex’s choice of strain, he likes to switch between sativa and indica fairly regularly. “In the day it’s sativa, at night it’s indica,” Rex describes. “If you’re gonna chill, really chill… indica.”

Check out our pot talk with Rex Brown in the clip above. Rex’s new solo album, Smoke on This, will see a July 28 release date. To pre-order a copy of the record, click here.

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