Rex Brown has delivered another taste of his upcoming solo debut with the song "Buried Alive," which premiered today at Revolver. It's the third track unleashed from Smoke on This..., following "Train Song" and "Crossing Lines."

The former Pantera and Down bassist once again partnered up with Justin Reich, who also directed the video for "Train Song,"  which Loudwire premiered last month.

"Justin once again did a fantastic job," says Brown. "The video captures every bit of emotion I had when I was writing the song as it's a very personal song for me."

The video was shot in Nashville, Tenn., where Smoke on This... was recorded and produced. Brown's bandmates, co-writer and guitarist Lance Harvill, rhythm guitarist Joe Shadid and former Type O Negative drummer Johnny Kelly, can be seen in the video along with Caleb Sherman on keys and lap steel.

"Buried Alive" is a moody rocker, showcasing Brown's warm, mid-tempo singing with an aggressive, Southern-tinged flavor to the music that stomps with some plentiful bouts of guitar soloing. It's not a copy of his previous bands sound, but Brown says the music retains one important element.

"It still has the attitude," he told Full Metal Jackie of his solo album last month. "I think more than anything else. Anything that I do, if I’m gonna put it out it has to have integrity, number one. Number two, the songs have to be really good. I really don’t – this is just where I’m at musically right now. This is where - I was looking around the landscape and a lot of - the landscape of the crowds and what they’re into. It’s all about good songs. I don’t care - that’s all it boils down to, is good songs.

Smoke On This... comes out July 28 via Entertainment One Music.

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