Rick Froberg, who sang and played guitar in the influential post-hardcore acts Hot Snakes and Drive Like Jehu, died at the age of 55 on June 30, according to the music websites Pitchfork and NME.

Froberg's death was confirmed the following day in an Instagram post by Rocket From the Crypt's John Reis, a fellow member of Hot Snakes who also played in Drive Like Jehu as well as Froberg's earlier band, which was called Pitchfork.

Reis writes, "Rick passed away suddenly last night from natural causes. His art made life better. The only thing he loved more than art and rock n roll was his friends."

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Reis adds, "He will forever be remembered for his creativity, vision and his ability to bring beauty into this world. I love you, Rick. I will miss you for the rest of my life."

Rick Froberg, Drive Like Jehu
Rick Froberg (Matt Cowan, Getty Images)

Froberg was born in Los Angeles and subsequently lived in Encinitas, California, where he performed in several bands across the San Diego area. During his teen years, he founded Pitchfork with Reis. When Pitchfork disbanded in 1990, the two formed Drive Like Jehu, which would release two full-length albums now considered post-hardcore classics, Drive Like Jehu (1991) and Yank Crime (1994).

Froberg and Reis formed Hot Snakes in 1999, releasing three albums during their first run together before disbanding in 2005. Hot Snakes reunited in 2011 and issued the effort Jericho Sirens in 2018. Froberg's death comes as Hot Snakes had nearly completed a new record. Drive Like Jehu did reunion gigs in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Listen to a selection of Froberg's work with Hot Snakes and Drive Like Jehu under Reis' message.

Loudwire sends its deepest condolences to Froberg's family, friends and bandmates.

Rick Froberg Death Notice - July 1, 2023

Hot Snakes, "Six Wave Hold-Down" (2018)

Hot Snakes, "I Hate the Kids" (2002)

Drive Like Jehu "Do You Compute" (1994)

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