Judas Priest have been ‘Breaking’ the Law’ for almost 40 years now, and after several decades of metal, the band are currently out on their farewell ‘Epitaph’ tour. However, don’t confuse farewell with goodbye. The band is not calling it a day-- just scaling things back a bit. In a recent interview, Halford talked about the band's longevity, the diversity of their fans and how he got his start.

On staying together for 40 years, Halford credits chemistry, saying, “Chemistry makes a band.” He continued to explain, “Call it fate or destiny that brings the players together with their own way of making vocals, drums, bass, guitars.” He also noted that “passion, self-belief and determination” play a role.

As the band has evolved, so has their audience. Halford told NowToronto.com that they’ve “grown old together” with their fans. Looking out into a sea of Priest fans every night, Halford said, “Every show we play now covers just about all kinds of demographic: from heavy metal kids barely in their teens to guys and gals from our time of life.” He summed it up perfectly, saying, “Metal has no age limit. Never will.”

Metal may not have an age limit, but it certainly has a legacy and Judas Priest is a large part of it. Check out ‘The Chosen Few,’ the latest from Priest featuring a compilation of some of their fan favorites chosen by their contemporaries from Kerry King of Slayer to Slash to Alice Cooper.

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