Rock bios are typically sensationalistic, offering some of the more salacious details of musicians' histories that are certain to drive book sales. But one band you may never see do a tell-all would be Judas Priest.

Frontman Rob Halford says in a new interview with Esquire, "It's basically trust and respect for each [other]. I would never say anything about Glenn [Tipton], even about the music to a certain respect. But as far as the dirty laundry that some bands are very, very open about displaying, the most important thing for Priest is the music. We really treasure it."

He adds, "I'm only speaking for myself, but once you get beyond that and you get deeper, digging in the dirt, it can really dilute what you're about and what you're trying to be with your music. So we're very protective of that. We've also been fortunate in that we're surrounded by people outside of the band who are very protective of us as well."

Halford admits that the band has been approached many times to tell their story. But personally he's glad that the group has kept a bit of the mystique. "In today's world, everybody knows what everybody's doing. It's all in one ear and out the other and doesn't have any value. So for us, it's about keeping the privacy and the mystique," concludes Halford.

Judas Priest just released their 'Redeemer of Souls' album, which is available via Amazon and iTunes. The disc earned the band their highest chart debut ever, arriving at No. 5. You can look for them touring in support of the album at these locations.

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