Back in the fall, Loudwire united some of the biggest names in metal and hard rock for the Loudwire Awards, including Rob Halford (who was The "Lemmy" Lifetime Award Recipient) and Sammy Hagar (who received The Humanitarian Award).

Since both legends were in Los Angeles for the event, Hagar took the opportunity to interview Halford for his AXS TV show Rock and Roll Road Trip.

In this clip from the show, Halford talks about his experience of performing sober for the first time, when Judas Priest played Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1986. “I walked on stage that night, and I was terrified, ‘cause I hadn’t been onstage without a drink for all those years as a performer,” Halford recalls. “But as soon as I started to perform, I felt something that I was never feeling before, because I had nothing kind of getting in the way. It was just the great joy and feeling of the human voice."

"I suddenly got in touch with this thing in my body, my spirit, my mind," he says. "I was so euphoric. I thought, 'Man, I've been missing this for all of my life as a singer and as a performer.'"

Catch the entire episode this Sunday, May 6, at 9pm ET/6 pm PT on AXS TV.

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