When guitarist extraordinaire Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal stopped by our studio, he went into detail about his bladder cancer, even showing us a video of him peeing blood that ultimately led to the diagnosis in 2014. He confirmed his health was in check, though just weeks later the axeman learned his cancer had returned.

Posting on his Facebook page, Bumblefoot mentioned the 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' segment he shot with us (video below), using the aforementioned urination video as a jumping off point to declare that he was diagnosed with bladder cancer again with two tumors. He sought immediate surgery the day after he performed Deep Purple's Made in Japan with Metal Allegiance at the show Loudwire presented at St. Vitus in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Confirming "all is fine" following the procedure on Aug. 12, Bumblefoot detailed he will be going for check-ups every three months for the next two years. He also revealed he has "nodules on both lungs as well, too small to crack the chest open for" and that he will "re-check those in a year for changes." Looking on the brighter side, he reflected, "Like I said in the interview, 'as long as you're happy and you're living well, that's what matters.' Happy to be making music, to be doing what I set out to do 40 years ago. With great people, for great people. That's living well. Love ya's!!" Read the full post directly below:

The guitarist most recently released his solo record, Little Brother Is Watching, in 2015. Ever-busy, Bumblefoot has plans for another solo album that he promises will feature "wacky guitar music" as well as a new Art of Anarchy album. Replacing the late Scott Weiland behind the microphone in Art of Anarchy is former Creed singer Scott Stapp.

Loudwire would like to extend well wishes to Bumblefoot on his road to recovery and the fight against cancer.

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