Episode Five of The Comedy Jam will air on Comedy Central tonight (April 19) but full performances from both Scott Stapp and Def Leppard’s Phil Collen have been posted online!

The Comedy Jam brings the worlds of stand-up comedy and live music together each week. Last time, Jim Breuer teamed up with Judas Priest icon Rob Halford to share vocal lines on “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming.”

For some reason, comedian Burt Kreischer decided to take his shirt off and rock leather pants for his jam of Creed’s “Higher” with Scott Stapp and his Art of Anarchy bandmate Bumblefoot. After telling the tale of how he kicked Mark Tremonti out of his high school band, Kreischer launched into “Higher,” attempting his best post-grunge baritone alongside Scott Stapp.

If you’re an avid Orange is the New Black fan, you’d recognize actress Taryn Manning (aka Pennsatucky). Manning, who has previously worked as a recording artist in the pop outfit Boomkat, was also a guest on The Comedy Jam, singing Def Leppard’s anthemic “Pour Some Sugar on Me” with some help from guitarist Phil Collen. You can check out that footage below.

Sebastian Bach is also scheduled to be a part of tonight’s Comedy Jam episode, but you’ll have to tune into Comedy Central tonight at 10/9c to watch him sing AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” with Hal Sparks.

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