In the seven years that have passed since doom lords Saint Vitus delivered Lillie: F-65, they've swapped Wino for returning original singer Scott Reagers. The band's new album, Saint Vitus, will be the first to feature Reagers since 1995's Die Healing and you can hear the first new track, "12 Years in the Tomb," above.

The track is buoyed by swinging kicks as Saint Vitus channel the spirits of Hellhammer and Celtic Frost both in tone and riffs. Reagers is now in possession of a snarling, gritty voice, which matches the delightfully dirty production.

This new record will be the first for bassist Pat Bruders (Down, ex-Crowbar, ex-Goatwhore), who signed on in 2016 as original bass player Mark Adams stepped away from the band. In the fall, news broke that he was battling Parkinson's Disease.

See the album art and track listing below. Saint Vitus arrives on May 17 through Season of Mist. Pre-order your copy at the label's webstore.

Saint Vitus, Saint Vitus Artwork + Track Listing

Season of Mist
Season of Mist

01. "Remains" (6:23)
02. "A Prelude To..." (3:20)
03. "Bloodshed" (3:04)
04. "12 Years in the Tomb" (5:24)
05. "Wormhole" (5:22)
06. "Hour Glass" (5:23)
07. "City Park" (4:01)
08. "Last Breath" (6:38)
09. "Useless" (1:32)

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