Turn it up, hit play and enjoy as rising new shred guitar virtuoso Sammy Boller is releasing his brand new track "Path of the Heart" today (Nov. 20).

The Detroit-representing Boller commands your attention as he lets his dextrous and nimble fingers do the talking (or singing in this case). Boller filmed the new video at Detroit's historic Redford Theatre, exploring every nook and cranny of the venue musically which lays idle due to current COVID-19 restrictions.

As many music venues are currently without audiences or performers, Boller decided it would be a great idea to film at the theatre to shine a light and remind us all of great music being played live in a historic venue. Watch the video below.

Though Boller issued his solo debut album Kingdom of the Sun earlier this year, "Path of the Heart" arrives as a stand-alone single. You can look for "Path of the Heart" on DSPs right now, while the entirety of Boller's Kingdom of the Sun album can be found via the platform of your choosing here.

Sammy Boller, "Path of the Heart"

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