Usually, extending happy birthday wishes is a tradition that goes without much thought, but when it breaks years of silence between two legendary rockers, the tiniest spark can turn into a roaring flame. Sammy Hagar reached out to his former bandmate Eddie Van Halen on Twitter to wish him a happy birthday, which was met with a thank you response from the guitar god. The move came out of the proverbial blue, but the Red Rocker is not without his reasons.

"It just makes when you stop and think that, you know, with my relationship with Eddie Van Halen and stuff that's always been in the toilet, it makes you say, 'I don't want to be buried with any regrets or bad vibes like that,'" Hagar said in an interview with Classic Rock Report (audio below). He continued, saying, "It makes you want to be just friends with everybody and say, 'Hey, look, forget it.' Even if you don't want to be in a band together, just let's be friends. No more enemies for me. You don't want to go to your grave with enemies. So that's what it's done for me. It woke me up and said, 'No more enemies.' And before I die, I won't have any, if I have my way."

In the age where any reunion talk dominates fan conversation, this of course led to speculation that this simple tweet has opened the door for a full-fledged comeback of the second era of Van Halen. Speaking with the Daily Bulletin, Hagar commented, "“My favorite thing to say without biting my own tongue is no comment. Every time I turned around, it was a no-win situation," in response to a question about him fronting the band again. He concluded his thoughts, adding, "We’ll see what happens when it happens — if it happens.”

Stay tuned as reunion talk is sure to continue.

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