We've all been there. You're out to see a show but you run into a group of people who decide they'd rather talk through a majority of the gig instead of paying attention to the performance in front of them. It's a definite annoyance and one that Saves the Day vocalist Chris Conley dealt with in a rather explosive fashion during a recent performance in Asbury Park, N.J.

Conley, who was one of the musicians taking part in the "Where's the Band?" show where singer-songwriters collaborate on each other's tracks, took exception to the chatty audience and tried to remedy the situation, getting more and more into a rant as he continued.

"This is a teaching moment," began Conley, who may have had a few drinks leading up to his onstage rant. "Y'all better have to take a class to be part of the crowd." He went on to add, "It's all about respect, motherf--kers! C'mon. We're doing this together. You're all out there chatting. We're up here away from our families trying to play you heartfelt songs. Shut the f--k up and listen."

Continuing with the idea that this was a class lesson, when someone bought a drink to him onstage, he stated, "A+." Continuing his attempt to get his frustration off his chest before returning to playing, he concluded, "I realize if you haven't gotten the message yet, you're s--t out of luck."

After the rant, which elicited some cheers, the audience members then proceeded to join in the singing of a song and the show continued with a likely more engaged audience.

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