Scott Stapp has been hard at work in the studio and his new solo album 'Proof of Life' is set to drop on Nov. 5. Leading up to its release, Loudwire is teaming up with Stapp to bring you the exclusive album stream (listen below).

After listening, it will be easy to see this is a deeply personal record for the Creed singer. He worked closely with acclaimed producer Howard Benson and mixer Chris Lord-Alge in crafting the effort to fit his creative vision.

The album opener, 'Slow Suicide,' was just released as the lead single. 'Proof of Life' is filled with other standouts, as well. The gritty, in-your-face 'Who I Am' is an adrenaline-filled ride. The haunting title track, the anthemic 'New Day Coming' and the triumphant 'Only One' make the early part of the album a success. Meanwhile the beat-driven 'Hit Me More,' the swagger-filled 'Jesus Was a Rockstar' and the powerful 'What Would Love Do' make sure the back half of the disc holds up against the early songs.

If you like what you hear from Scott Stapp's 'Proof of Life' disc, pre-orders for the album are currently underway in a variety of formats and bundle options. Check out Stapp's website for ordering info, or pick up a digital copy at iTunes. Take a listen to the full album below.

Listen to Scott Stapp, 'Proof of Life'