There's another update in the sad saga that has befallen Creed singer Scott Stapp. Now, there's a report that his estranged wife has filed legal documents to have Scott committed to a mental facility for 60 days.

To recap the startling details that have emerged over the past weeks, Scott's wife Jaclyn filed for divorce recently, claiming the Creed singer was a heavy drug user and had sent her bizarre text messages. In response, Scott had posted a 15-minute public video statement saying lies were being spread about his drug use, but revealing he was "completely penniless" and living in his truck at times. He also accused governmental agencies of freezing his money. Jaclyn then filed more legal papers alleging Scott threatened to kill himself and was using hardcore drugs like cocaine and PCP, among others. Scott then posted two more public video statements, including one in front of the Boca Raton Police Department in Florida on Thanksgiving Day.

Now, news comes from TMZ that Jaclyn Stapp filed legal papers on Wednesday asking a judge to force Stapp into a 60-day psych hold. The singer apparently had already spent 3 days in a mental facility earlier this month. Jaclyn and her mother accuse Stapp of lying in his video testimonial, saying he's not clean and that he's trying to detox himself, which can be a lethal decision. They fear he can harm himself or others if he isn't placed in a mental facility for 60 days.

Meanwhile, Scott's Creed bandmate Mark Tremonti said he tried reaching out to the singer, but could not get in touch with him. Stay tuned for more on Scott Stapp's current crisis as new details emerge.

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