In one of those YouTube'd moments that Scott Weiland would love to have back, the singer recently delivered a bizarre, monotone and off key performance of "Vasoline" in Corpus Christi that set the Internet abuzz. In a recent interview with WXMX-FM 98.1 The Max (as heard in the player above), the vocalist addressed that show and what happened.

“Well basically, I guess the only thing I want people to know is that show in Corpus Christi that got put up on TMZ, I didn’t have in-ears that were working, so my inner monitors were completely out, so I had no way of hearing himself. So that’s the reason it wasn’t a good show for me, because my equipment wasn’t working,” says Weiland, opening up about the incident of his own accord at the 6:24 mark in the interview.

The singer continued, "The crew is very important, and there’s a lot of pieces of equipment that can have problems from time to time, and it was my turn to experience that at that show.”

A rep for Weiland issued a statement to TMZ after the video started making the rounds, explaining that it was a "perfect storm" of Weiland being tired and having a couple of drinks before the show. The rep also reiterated that Weiland's earpiece cut out during the show, making it hard for him to stay on point.

Earlier in the interview, Weiland admitted he does get nervous before performances, adding, "I wanna do the 100 percent, give 100 percent and rock out."

The singer was also asked about Stone Temple Pilots and the possibility of a reunion, to which he responded, "They're doing their thing and I'm doing my thing. Our lawsuit, which we settled out of court, that's in the past and now we're just doing our own things."

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