Few things are better than a solid cover involving two great bands! This happened in spades when hard rock group Seether covered post-hardcore band Thrice's "Black Honey" for SiriusXM. In the video, you can hear Seether deliver a powerful performance of the song, imparting louder guitars and great vocals into the track.

Part of what makes the cover interesting is in its crossover of rock scenes. In the past, Thrice have stuck to their lane in post-hardcore, and while their music certainly crosses boundaries through experimentation and fearlessness on albums like Vheissu, The Alchemy Index series, and their most recent To Be Everywhere Is Nowhere, they've held to their underground roots. Seether on the other hand have remained a hard rock mainstay, coming out of the gate with major label debut Disclaimer, paving the way to come with huge singles.

The cover paints just how good both bands are, and how their music can adapt into new forms. Thrice's discography hits on all different kinds of highs and lows, some songs down-stated slow burners or quick fire rock jams. "Black Honey" in particular one of the band's strongest singles to date.

Seether takes the song's intricacies and transfer them into their own voice, making it boom even more and stand out as a vicious, hearty song. Seether's Shaun Morgan matches the tenacity and energy Dustin Kensrue served up in the original, creating a great companion from a slightly different world.

It's a pretty good time for both bands right now. Last month, Seether released their eighth full-length as a band, Poison the Parish. They're currently embarking on a huge tour across the country, having already hit festivals like Rock on the Range and Carolina Rebellion. Thrice on the other hand are enjoying success of their own, playing direct support to Deftones and Rise Against on their U.S. co-headlining tour. It's a good spot to be in, and they've held their own on tour with the titans.

Watch Seether's cover of "Black Honey" above!

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