We've got an eye-catching new clip for you. Watch the continuing storyline of the human/reaper hybrid September as she is pursued between two worlds in "20 Below," the latest video from September Mourning that you can check out above.

"'20 Below' is about ending the cycle of abuse within our own lives, whether it's self inflicted or from an outside source," reveals singer Emily Lazar to Alternative Press, who debuted the clip. "We’ve all had those relationships where someone has gotten close to us, abuses us in some way… knocks us down so hard it diminishes our self esteem. '20 Below' is about the realization that the beat down feeling and feelings of worthlessness are untrue and being caused by some external negativity."

She continues, "It's about being strong enough within your own self to rise above. There are no saviors or Messiah coming to save us. There's only the strength in our hearts and our souls, which is greater than we can even conceive. It’s great enough to be the catalyst to save our own selves if we find a way to tap into that part of ourselves."

The track is from the band's Volume II album that was released in July along with a comic book created with artist Marc Silvestri.

September Mourning will be hitting the road next month as part of the Blood Lust Death tour with DopeCombichrist and Davey Suicide that kicks off Feb. 27 in Portland, Ore.


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