Rising rock act September Mourning is getting ready to release the new album Volume II on July 29 via Sumerian Records, and we've got the exclusive premiere of the dynamic lyric video for the new song "Skin and Bones."

September Mourning is the brainchild of frontwoman Emily Lazar (aka September Mourning) and comic book artist Marc Silvestri. The lyric video uses comic-book style panels to display the words of the song, including the powerful chorus, "My skin and bones / My skin and bones / Are not what I am / It's all you've known /My skin and bones / My skin and bones / Stuck in between two prisons / Where do I call home?" The tune features violin playing by Jinxx of Black Veil Brides.

“'Skin and Bones' is about self awareness and personal strength against those who bully or negatively affect you," says Lazar of the song. "People often judge you by the way you look, and they don’t take the time to find out who you are. When that type of negativity beats you down psychologically to the point your ego is severely wounded, it’s really hard to fight back. This song is very much about being strong enough within the core of who you are so that those things can never affect you."

As mentioned, September Mourning's new album, Volume II, arrives July 29, and wil be accompanied by a comic book. Pre-orders are available at Sumerian's merch site, along with iTunesAmazon and Google Play.

Lazar says of the album, "Volume II is a continuation of the first step in our journey which began with our self-released EP, Volume I, and 'A Murder of Reapers,' the first issue of our comic book. Volume II follows our hero, September Mourning's tale throughout the second issue of the comic book, entitled 'The Hand of Fate.' Both forms of media intertwine to create a musical and visual story mosaic for your eyes and ears. Although September's character is fictional, both the emotional landscape of the music and the message behind her lyric come from a very vulnerable place inside of me. In this album, I intertwined these supernatural characters with my own very real, relatable thoughts and feelings. There are pieces of myself magnified in every dynamic shift and bombastic hook in this album and you feel that when you listen. The world that's created promises you an epic ride."

September Mourning will perform at Texas Mutiny on Sept. 24 in Dallas, as well as Houston Open Air on Sept. 25. Check out the lyric video for "Skin and Bones" above.

September Mourning

September Mourning
Photo by Dean Karr

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