Serj Tankian and John Psathas have teamed up to release a stirring peace of music meant to call attention to what's being called the "first genocide of the 20th century." The track is called "100 Years" and as Tankian says in a Facebook posting, it's meant to pay tribute to the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian victims of the destructive action.

The song is somber, but has a very cinematic feel to it as the track plays out. The clip itself features not only Tankian but several of the musicians who helped bring the track together.

As the video begins, viewers are greeted with the following message:

This video is dedicated to all those fighting for truth, recognition and justice for the first genocide of the 20th Century and all subsequent genocides.

In 1915, at the height of WW1, the government of Ottoman Turkey began the systematic eradication of its Christian population within their borders. By the end of the wary, over 1.5 million Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians suffered gruesome annihilation through massacre, hunger, rape and deportation at the hands of the Ottoman Turks in what is now called the first genocide of the 20th century.

The government of Turkey refuses to admit that the country's forefathers systematically committed this planned genocide despite scores of evidence, testimonials, international condemnation and recognition.

During a recent press conference, Tankian stated, “It is still with us and the denial is a spit in the face of us every year. It has to end for relations to improve among people, among nations and to correctly reflect what history has offered.”

This marks the 100 year anniversary of Ottoman Turkey's eradication, and System of a Down have been more active than ever in attempting to bring attention to the country's denial of such action. In past years, they have staged "Souls" concerts to draw attention, but in 2015, System of a Down are taking "Souls" on the road to countries that were capitols in Europe during World War I. The tour will conclude with the band's first ever performance in Armenia on April 23.

See System of a Down's tour dates and learn how you can help in spreading the word by visiting the band's website. And be sure to visit to learn more.

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