Two of Serj Tankian's longtime passions will be coming together later this month when the System of a Down vocalist's first full film score to the film 1915 arrives in stores. The score was used in the 2015 film about the centennial year of the Armenian genocide.

Tankian and his System bandmates have used their platform over the years to campaign for the recognition of the Armenian genocide, so when asked if he would contribute to the film, it was no surprise that he did.

According to Billboard, Tankian's film score was held until this year even though the film arrived last year in order to ensure that people would continue to discuss and bring awareness about the Armenian genocide beyond the film's screenings.

For Tankian, film scoring is something he's been getting more involved with in recent years. The singer tells Billboard, "I've done parts of films; I've done a few dozen soundtracks and ending credits and all sorts of stuff. And I've done a video game before, but this would be my first full film score, first full featured movie film score A-Z kind of done by me."

The vocalist adds that he's recently finished work on another film called Last Inhabitant and he's been doing some orchestral work for other projects as well. But for now, you can look for the 1915 score arriving on April 22.

Tankian, who is one of many rockers who've lent their support to the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders, also spoke about the upcoming election and the current crop of candidates. "When you have TV personalities running for office, then it becomes a bit surreal, doesn’t it," said Tankian. "I think Bernie [Sanders] is the most human out of them, seems like his personal and voting record as a senator have been well aligned. So that is a good thing. But the rest of them are not very inspiring, as an American, in terms of politics or as a musician, in terms of creating. There’s a lot of stupidity, a lot of playing to the lowest common denominator that we’ve seen. You would think that with the advent of communication via the Internet, social media, that our populous would be getting smarter and that our leaders would be getting smarter and that our communique and our foreign policy and the way that we deal with the world is getting smarter. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case and that makes the lineup of the presidential elections extra disappointing."

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