Slash recently joined forces with fellow guitarist and Queen virtuoso Brian May to record a song called ‘The Badger Swagger,' heard above. The song was written and recorded in hopes of raising awareness regarding the slaughter of badgers in England.

Slash and Brian May recorded the song with singer Kerry Ellis and producer by Rob Cass. Slash, who recorded his parts remotely from Los Angeles, recently posted on Twitter, “Just heard a mix of ‘Badger Swagger.’ Sounds great.” He also commented on the all-star collaboration, saying, “Such an honor to be on a record w/ @DrBrianMay & Sir Richard Attenborough.”

The song is out today (June 4) as part of the activists' campaign. Coining themselves Artful Badger and Friends, the collaboration supports Team Badger and the “Stop the Cull” petition asking the government to stop their planned deaths and promoting vaccinations instead. Read more about it and sign the petition here.

According to reports, badgers carrying tuberculosis are being blamed for the loss of close to 40 thousand cattle slaughtered in England. May has been lending his support to the badgers for quite some time, making appearances at protests and recording past songs for the cause.