Slash is busy making music and producing movies, and  now will also be the subject of an upcoming documentary. A two disc, 131 minute documentary ‘Slash - The Cat In The Hat: The Story So Far’ will be released on Blu-ray / DVD on Aug. 21.

[Update: Slash has revealed that this release is unauthorized. In a Twitter post, he states: "Btw, the documentary, "The cat in the hat", is not authorized. I have nothing to do w/it. iiii]; P."]

The doc’s distributor Pride describes the documentary: "The most iconic rock guitarist since Keith Richards, Slash has achieved the status of 'most interesting hard rock act in the world today.' And 20 years after the demise proper of the group with whom he made his name, he continues to build on an already remarkable career trajectory, while his old sparring partner in Guns N’ Roses produces pale imitations of past glories. This two-disc set includes a DVD documentary tracing the life and times of Slash, and a disc of audio interviews with the Cat himself during which he speaks candidly and honestly on almost everything he feels strongly about."

In addition to being the subject of a film, Slash is also making movies. According to the St. Tammany News, Slash's studio Slasher Films has started filming ‘Nothing To Fear’  in Covington, Louisiana. It’s described as a thriller/suspense movie starring Anne Heche, and is set in a Kansas town that according to legend is one of the seven gateways to Hell. In addition to his company producing the film, Slash will also co-produce the movie’s score.

Slash’s latest album ‘Apocalyptic Love’  was released on May 22.