Slash is inarguably one of the most distinguishable figures in the rock world. Known for sporting a full, curly head of hair, sunglasses and usually a top hat, his look hasn't really changed much throughout his life.

Born Saul Hudson on July 23,1965, in London, the future rock god grew up in a creative environment. His mother was a fashion designer and his father created artwork for album covers. At the age of five, he moved to Los Angeles. Over the next few years, he got into BMX, which is how he met Steven Adler.

The guitar legend seems to have lived several lives all in one, from his childhood as the stepson of David Bowie to paying to play in bars on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, to eventually playing stadiums around the world in one of the biggest rock bands on the planet.

He's survived dabbling with just about any substance, though he did technically die for a little under 10 minutes once in the early '90s, and he's conquered some brutal addictions as well. But more importantly, he's found success not only in Guns N' Roses, but also in Velvet Revolver and several of his solo projects too, including with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. He's also been featured as a guest guitarist on a ton of tracks by other musicians.

Needless to say, Slash is one of the most respected rock icons there is, and we're looking forward to seeing him shred for a long time to come. Check out the gallery below to see Slash through the years.

Photos: Slash Through the Years

Slash Through the Years

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