Back in 1991, Michael Jackson was the undisputed king of pop while Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash was king of the six string. The two forces came together on Jackson's iconic track 'Black or White,' but during a special live performance, things got a little "heated" between the two when Slash wouldn't stop soloing, much to the "displeasure" of Michael Jackson.

To be fair, this was a choreographed part of Michael Jackson's live show, but to anyone oblivious in the crowd, Slash and Michael's onstage clash could have felt unbelievably uncomfortable.

This video begins at the tail-end of Michael Jackson's performance of 'Black or White,' as the pop icon and Slash duo rock out in close proximity. The supposed end of 'Black or White' seems to have been around the 30-second mark, but despite some passive hints from Michael Jackson, Slash just wouldn't stop soloing. The singer eventually walked off stage while two "production guys" failed in their attempts to stop Slash.

In the end, the extra time was carved out so Michael Jackson could prepare and get into place for 'Billie Jean,' which immediately cut the tension once the legendary singer's gigantic silhouette appeared.

Check out the incredibly entertaining footage above!

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