Slash has seen and been through a lot in the music industry, and one thing that he's learned over the years is to follow his own path. The guitarist knows the highs experienced early in his career and he says that he's decided not to let expectations from the past get the better of him.

The guitar slinger told the Boston Phoenix, "I'm not really dictated by other people's expectations. It's really about my own, and that's pretty much where all the work is. You know, trying to do something that I A) like and B) enjoy doing. And trying to find something that I agree with, and that's pretty much the biggest pressure; it doesn't really come from the outside."

One thing that is kind of interesting for the guitarist is trying to find the voice for his musical vision. And by voice, that doesn't necessarily just mean the singer. The whole collective of musicians play into what he wants.

The guitarist says, "I'm constantly looking to be turned on. I can do music that is fine, but that doesn't, umm, it doesn't satisfy my musical sensibility, personally. So in other words, I'm looking for things that turn me on melodically, or whatever else turns me on: energy, a groove, emotion. And that's what I'm looking to achieve, so I write stuff every day, come up with ideas every day, and when I start to expand on those ideas, working with the band, I'm trying to achieve something of almost orgasmic proportions."

Slash says that even though he's somewhat considered a solo artist, having the steady band with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators is something he's enjoyed. He adds, "I'm looking for something that feels right to me, because everything I'm doing is to satisfy me, musically. And it's true when I'm working with people, I'm looking for the right combination of people to achieve that. So that's why I'm really happy now, I love the singer and the drummer and the bass player is f---ing fantastic. And they bring me that much closer to doing that which excites me."

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators have spent a majority of the summer on tour promoting their 'Apocalyptic Love' album. North American touring will continue through Oct. 3 in Los Angeles, with shows in Europe and South America to follow before wrapping 2012 with three late November dates in Mexico.