The Universal Studios Hollywood theme park has worked with well-known musicians over the years to create attractions for the Halloween season. This year is no different, as the top-hatted one, Slash, will add his special touch to the festivities.

Slash has composed an original score for the park's new maze, 'Clowns 3D Music by Slash,' that will premiere on Sept. 19 as part of the annual 'Halloween Horror Nights.'

“I’m a HUGE fan of ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ and was inspired to partner with Universal Studios Hollywood because they are the founders of creating extreme horror,” explains Slash. “I’ve been composing music for as long as I can remember and jumped at the chance to be an integral part of this year’s event and create the original score for this creepy clown maze. I can’t wait to see the fans’ reactions and will be first in line to experience the maze myself.”

Though Universal Studios' parks have teamed with the likes of Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie throughout the years, this marks the first time an artist has created an original score for one of the attractions. Slash says in the trailer for the new attraction above that after checking out the Black Sabbath maze, he was inspired to get involved.

As you can gather by the title of the maze, the attraction will be no laughing matter for those who have coulrophobia, otherwise known as an extreme and irrational fear of clowns. The maze leads participants through the 'Sweet Licks Frozen Clown Pops Family Amusement Center,' which sounds like a pretty sweet deal, but soon turns terrifying as the group of deranged siblings and their mad clown father hope to put you on the menu. To learn more about 'Halloween Horror Nights' and the 'Clowns 3D' maze, click here.

In addition to his work with Universal Studios, Slash will have a busy fall promoting his new 'World on Fire' album. The disc drops Sept. 16.