Slash's 'Apocalyptic Love' album is just around the corner and today with get the first full visual representation from the album with the clip for the first single 'You're a Lie.'

The video is both conceptual and performance-based in nature, with Slash and his band Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators delivering a hard-rocking performance under some intense stage lighting. But while the band holds up well under the bright lights, we can't say the same for the female star of the clip.

The young blonde starts off as the typical video vixen, but as the vocals drive home the lyrics about being a liar, she begins to unravel under the spotlight of her own mistruths. As the clip continues, the female anti-hero begins to deteriorate both emotionally and physically into a complete mess. And by the end of the clip, even the film from the video itself begins to burn away.

'You're a Lie' comes from the 'Apocalyptic Love' album, which arrives in stores May 22. It was recently "most added" at Active Rock radio. Slash and his band began their touring support of the album earlier this month.

Watch Slash's 'You're a Lie' Video