So much has been made about the feud between Slash and Axl Rose. It's been 18 years since Slash exited Guns N' Roses, and there always seems to be an air of negativity when discussing the relationship between the two iconic musicians.

However, people tend to forget that these guys helped start a musical revolution together. For several years, they were bonded as friends and as bandmates. So, when Slash popped into our studio recently to discuss his new album 'World on Fire,' we wanted to steer the conversation about Axl in a positive direction. Instead of harping on the negative, we asked the guitarist to name a few of Axl's best qualities.

Without hesitation, Slash graciously listed a handful of characteristics he admires about Axl Rose -- from the singer's intelligence to his songwriting abilities. Don't take it from us, though. Watch the video segment above to hear it directly from Slash himself.

Catch more exclusive videos with Slash below, and pick up his new album, 'World on Fire,' at iTunes.

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