The first taste of Slash's new album, 'Apocalyptic Love,' due out May 22, is upon us in the form of the lead single 'You're a Lie.' The tune is a rowdy, bluesy rocker, anchored by Slash's signature riffing and style.

You know it's Slash the minute his fingers hit the strings. But it's not Slash trying to recapture his Guns N' Roses glory or repaving familiar territory. He's authored a distinct style that's uniquely Slash on his solo work.

The song has lots of building tension, which starts in the verses and then explodes like a powder keg in the choruses. Vocalist Myles Kennedy also adds another layer of bluesy firepower to the song. He and Slash are quite a tandem, and their singer/lead guitarist chemistry is palpable and their talents are totally complimentary. Kennedy's vocal style, which is dramatic, blues-influenced and high, is the perfect fit for Slash -- just like that guy Axl Rose's was. It's a testament to Slash's universal tone. A variety of voices pair perfectly with his playing and that's no small feat. It's totally evident on 'You're a Lie,' too.

The song is a kiss off to the other half of a fractured relationship or someone who has wronged you, with singalong-worthy phrases like, "All my faith has been wasted, wasted" and "I don't need you to save me anymore." It's all about telling that person not to let the door hit 'em in the rump.

There's lots of deep grooves on 'You're a Lie,' too. If you're not tapping your toes throughout and hitting the "repeat" button to listen multiple times, then you have no soul!

Listen to a Snippet of 'You're a Lie' on Slash's Official Website

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