Many metal fans know Dave Lombardo from Testament, Apocalyptica, Fantomas and some other band from California called Slayer. But these days, Lombardo has been working on his latest project, Philm. Not only does Lombardo play drums in the new power trio, he tried his hand at producing the band's album  -- while hobbled with a broken leg.

Lombardo described his experience both producing and mixing the album, titled 'Harmonic' (due out Tuesday, May 15) -- even working beside his son, who took the role as the engineer.

"I produced this album. It's my first production," says Lombardo. "That was intense, I've never experienced anything like that. I've never really spent that much time on something I love so much. I loved all the music and all the bands I did before; that I did projects with, but I really didn't spend much time with it. Even the earliest demo in '96 and '97 when me and Gerry [Philm vocalist / guitarist] were working on some of these songs, I recorded them. I've been kind of shaping the sound of this band ever since then."

"My son also helped me with the engineering," continues Lombardo. "He was the engineer. We were able to fine-tune it, but it was hard. The production job really took a lot of time and a lot of effort. What's amazing is that I broke my leg during the mixing process, so I had to stay at home. I couldn't do anything, so I was in the studio constantly -- immobilized with my foot up, resting and waiting for it to heal. That was kind of a good thing. [Laughs] I couldn't do Slayer rehearsals, I couldn't play or hang out and party or anything."

Stay tuned for our full interview with Slayer legend and Philm drummer Dave Lombardo. In the meantime, listen to a full stream of Philm's 'Harmonic' at AOL Music.