There isn't much middle ground that thrash legends Slayer share with Mexican mariachi bands, which is why this next video is incredible. Not only did Los Angeles-based metal-meets-mariachi band Metalachi perform an insanely weird version of Slayer's 'Raining Blood,' but they did it with the one and only Dave Lombardo behind the drum kit.

Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo has never been one to pass on a good jam session, having experimented with bands Fantomas and Philm in the past, but this jam session is about has pure as can be. The dichotomy between Lombardo's ferocious drumming and Metalachi's brilliant ridiculousness blend together perfectly for a hilarious Mexican gumbo.

According to the band's Facebook profile, the members of Metalachi crossed the boarder from Juarez, Mexico into the U.S. only to discover a partially buried copy of Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid' album waiting for them on the other side. After meeting their destiny on American soil, Metalachi has become "the greatest metal band to ever live," so apparently Dave Lombardo is jumping on the bandwagon early before the group begins to play sold-out arenas.

Check out this footage of Metalachi performing 'Raining Blood' with a little help from Dave Lombardo.

Metalachi Perform Slayer's 'Raining Blood' with Dave Lombardo