May 2, 2015 marks the two-year anniversary of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman's death. To commemorate the legendary thrash shredder's life and contributions to our beloved genre, we sat down with current Slayer guitarist Gary Holt and invited him to share his memories of Hanneman.

Slayer and Exodus have experienced a longtime brotherhood as fellow California thrash pioneers. After decades of playing with Exodus, Holt was hand-picked by Slayer to fill in for Hanneman on tour while Jeff was recuperating from a horrid bout of necrotizing fasciitis.

Now, as Slayer's full-time guitarist, Holt is keeping Jeff Hanneman's memory alive through playing the man's immortal leads and ripping solos. And in this video, Gary Holt continues to pay his respects.

Gary begins by speaking about the first time he heard Jeff Hanneman's playing on Slayer's full-length debut, Show No Mercy. When Exodus and Slayer finally met in person, the two bands conjured some epic destruction by performing together and annihilating Slayer's hotel room.

Holt continues by speaking of the moment he heard Hanneman had passed away before going in-depth on what Gary admired most about Jeff's one-of-a-kind playing.

Watch Gary Holt pay tribute to Jeff Hanneman in the video above!

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