The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is an exclusive club that houses the likes of Beastie BoysU2, Guns N' Roses, KISS and many more. More noticeably in the metal community is a striking lack of veteran hard rock and metal acts with rare exceptions like Metallica and Black Sabbath from the heavier realm. While the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame faces harsh criticism for not inducting seminal rock and metal acts, Slayer's Kerry King remains hopeful that his genre defining band will one day receive the honors of gracing the inside of the glass walls of the Hall's pyramid.

In an interview with VH1, the famed axeman served up his thoughts on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, stating,

"I’m not making a ploy to get in, but it makes me think, 'Man, I hope they call my name one of these days.' I think it took them a long time to get Metallica in there. But Metallica basically opens the door for us, because when you think of metal who do you think of next from that generation? Of course there’s Sabbath, Priest, and Maiden, without question. But for The Big Four, you think Metallica…We’ve always been number two on The Big Four shows. So come on, Rock Hall, give us that call! We’re ready! I’ll donate some change or something."

Slayer are certainly deserving of being inducted into the Hall, changing the heavy metal landscape forever with the landmark Reign in Blood and other legendary albums that paved the way for thrash and extreme metal. Of course, King could very well be sitting by the phone waiting for a long, long time.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been reluctant to induct formative acts like Deep Purple, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, just to name a couple. The inclusion of Metallica in 2009's induction ceremony gave plenty of hope to rock and metal fans that this would finally be the opening in the door so many deserving acts have been waiting for.

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