A few days ago, Slayer announced that they would be performing a singular "Old School Slayer Night" performance at the Hollywood Palladium. However, after initial rehearsals, Slayer have decided to bring the old-school set to every concert on their current North American tour!

How awesome is this news?! If you're a Slayer fan with any sort of access to the North American continent, you have absolutely no reason to miss this rare tour. Perhaps as somewhat of a tribute to the work of fallen guitarist Jeff Hanneman, Slayer will dig into their early years for the string of Fall gigs, unleashing fan favorites from 'Show No Mercy,' 'Hell Awaits,' 'Reign in Blood,' South of Heaven' and 'Seasons in the Abyss.' Has your jaw dropped yet?

Slayer's current lineup: frontman Tom Araya, guitarist Kerry King, guitarist Gary Holt and drummer Paul Bostaph made the decision shortly after beginning jam sessions for the original Hollywood Palladium show. "We're having such a great time rehearsing this 'Old School' set, we've decided to play it on every one of our upcoming tour dates," says guitarist Kerry King.

Tom Araya also weighed in on his excitement for the revamped tour. "The final set list is still coming together," says the frontman, "but we're going to give the fans what amounts to 'decades of aggression.' It's going to be a great night of music and moshing for everyone."

Slayer's 2013 fall tour begins tonight (Oct. 25) in Las Vegas! For the full list of Slayer's upcoming North American tour dates with Gojira and 4Arm, click here.