Dog Hates Us All? Bonded By Pugs? Something like that! On March 19, members of Slayer and Testament took a visit to the Motley Zoo animal rescue shelter in Redmond, Wash. to cuddle with puppies. That's right, you can see Kerry King, Tom Araya, Gary Holt, Chuck Billy, Alex Skolnick, Steve DiGiorgio and even Kim Thayil from Soundgarden getting their warm fuzzies by holding adorable puppies!

Sure, Slayer are one of metal's most vicious bands, but that's only on the stage and in the studio. In the photos below, Araya is seen holding one happy looking pup who reaches up to lick the frontman's face. So much for showing no mercy, huh? The same goes for King and Holt, who both look overjoyed to spend some time with these animals in need. In one shot, Skolnick lowers his head to further endear himself to the little fur ball and the dog looks about as happy as any animal could ever possibly be.

Motley Zoo animal rescue posted the photos on their Facebook page, stating, "This was the second time we met Kerry King and Paul Bostaph, but this time we got to meet Tom Araya and Gary Holt as well. They are all huge fans of rescue and our mission, so they were happy to enjoy the puppy time. The guys from Testament were awesome too and we heard all about everyone's animals they couldn't wait to get home and see! This tour is almost over so they won't have to wait long!" See the photos in the Facebook post below:

To make a donation to the Motley Zoo animal shelter, click here.

The Slayer, Testament and Carcass tour is drawing to a close this week. Carcass frontman Jeff Walker broke two bones in his foot on the trek, having gritted out a performance the same night his tourmates took a visit the the animal shelter. His foot has since been wrapped in a cast that ends below the knee and he has vowed to finish the remainder of the tour despite the injury.

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