2017 is turning out to be one busy year for Smile Empty Soul frontman Sean Danielsen. Not only will the band have a new rarities collection out in March, but Danielsen also just released his debut solo set, Product of Isolation, last month.

As for Smile Empty Soul, the band's aptly titled Rarities is on the schedule for a March 10 street date. The 13-song set includes tracks that were loved, but previously unreleased over the course of the band's last 14 years. Of those songs, three are covers, with the group adding their own special touch to Tori Amos' "Precious Things," Nirvana's "Aneurysm" and Sarah McLachlan's "Possession."

"I'm happy to be releasing all these songs we've recorded over the years that never made our regular albums. its gonna be cool to see them get out there to our fans and maybe play a few of them at our live shows," says Danielsen. See the full Rarities track listing below and head here to see the variety of bundle pre-order opportunities surrounding the album.

And as stated, Danielsen has been busy issuing his first solo set. Product of Isolation was released on Jan. 13. "This album was my first venture into having a home studio and engineering and producing completely on my own. it was an amazing experience to make and i hope people can relate to it. i definitely poured myself into the songs, and i think that shows," says Danielsen. You can currently pick up Product of Isolation via iTunes.

Smile Empty Soul, Rarities Track Listing

1. One at a Time
2. Something New
3. Alone
4. Goodbye
5. This is War
6. Wasted Town
7. Whats Going Through My Head Right Now
8. For You
9. Who I Am
10. Finding Myself
11. Precious Things (Tori Amos Cover)
12. Aneurysm (Nirvana Cover)
13. Possession (Sarah McLachlan Cover)

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