Smile Empty Soul have been rocking for nearly two decades now and as you might expect, there's a wealth of material that has built up over the years, including songs that for one reason or another never turned up on one of their albums. The tracks may have been as solid as some of the material that has been released from the band, but for creative purposes, album flow or a simple matter of timing, they didn't turn up on an album .... until now. Smile Empty Soul has compiled some of their best material that's just been waiting for an outlet and will issue them tomorrow (March 10) as part of their Rarities album.

Singer Sean Danielsen tells us, "Over the last 14 years of releasing records, there have been so many songs that don't make the final cut. We wanted to get some of those rare tracks people haven't heard out there for our diehard fans."

Included in the set is the chugging, angsty opener "One at a Time," the somber yet stellar acoustic track "Alone," the infectiously catchy "Goodbye," the full throttle aggression of "What's Going Through My Head Right Now," the introspective "Who I Am" and other stellar gems that sadly may have never reached their intended audience had the band not decided to put out the Rarities collection.

There are also a handful of covers included in the CD version of the set, with Smile Empty Soul delivering solid takes on Tori Amos' "Precious Things," Nirvana's "Aneurysm" and Sarah McLachlan's "Possession."

If you like what you hear, Smile Empty Soul are offering a signed copy of Rarities at their webstore. You can also pick it up via online retailers Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. Look for Smile Empty Soul returning to the road in May. The band's current dates can be found here.

Smile Empty Soul, Rarities Track List:

1. One at a Time
2. Something New
3. Alone
4. Goodbye
5. This Is War
6. Wasted Town
7. What's Going Through My Head Right Now
8. For You
9. Who I Am
10. Finding Myself
11. Precious Things (Tori Amos Cover)
12. Aneurysm (Nirvana Cover)
13. Possession (Sarah McLachlan Cover)

Smile Empty Soul

Photo by Ronald Pruitt
Photo by Ronald Pruitt

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